Our Mission

uConekt is solving the challenges faced by traditional banks with fiat transactions and digital banks delivering crypto transactions. Our world today is governed by the financial regulators mandating KYC. How can we protect the client’s assets? How can we deliver instant payments with either fiat or crypto currencies? In addition, how can we deliver frictionless transactions between the merchants/sellers and consumers?

Our Solution

Delivering uConektPAYTM, the next-generation enterprise-ready payment platform with full-lifecycle digital asset solutions designed to enrich customer experiences and drive operational efficiencies using traditional finance open APIs and blockchain-based transformative technology.

Multi-Currency Payment Models

Support for major financial currencies and top 4 cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Stellar Lumens.

PSP Gateway

uConektPAY multi-currency gateway platform simplifies payments between merchants/sellers and their customers.


uConektPAY is the bridge between traditional and the “new digital” markets. Providing a payment technology framework whether private or commercial, essential to the interoperability between traditional financial services and crypto assets/currency markets.




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Secure & Seamless

  • Fraud prevention features, PCI DSS, 3D Secure,
  • Substitute / Replacement System and Connection Infrastructure
  • Fast Integration through the Web with API and Code Support ready for all languages

Instant Monitoring for Merchants/Sellers and Banks

  • System Connection Control with Periodic Synthetic Transactions
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Warning System (SMS, e-mail)

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Scalable and Flexible Payment Business Model

•    Licensing and External Service Model
•    Modular Structure
•    Saving through Transaction-Based Differential Pricing

User-Friendly Screens & Mobile App

•    Dashboard Reporting
•    Personalized Payment Page
•    Mobile Application for Merchants

Innovative Features

•    Ability to Define Fraud Parameters for Every Scenario
•    Card Storage, BIN inquiries
•    Multi-Language and Multi-Currency Support
•    Dynamic Authorization for Multiple Levels
•    Date/Time-Based Dynamic Management of Future-Dated Periodic Collection