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uConekt is a multi-payment provider, empowering digitization efficiencies to process safe and secure payments and storage transactions integrating cryptocurrency and traditional payment methods within a decentralized blockchain ecosystem. Delivering uConektPAYTM, the next-generation enterprise-ready platform with full-lifecycle digital asset solutions designed to enrich customer experiences and drive operational efficiencies using traditional finance open APIs and blockchain-based transformative technology.


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uConektPAY payment services platform bridges both fiat and digital currency within the blockchain ecosystem fully integrated with e-banking systems, institutions and private clients from only ONE platform. Private key digital asset authentication and confidentiality with banking grade security with full benefits of frictionless transactions with TRUST. Open APIs enabling quick and seamless integration. uConektPAY is a full-lifecycle PSP platform for any type of business, enabling both fiat and crypto payments in a secure and trusted transaction environment.

Payment Verification

Personal eIDentity verification provides a higher level of authorization for secure asset and financial transactions

ONE Multi-Currency Merchant Wallet

A SINGLE merchant e-Wallet for multi-currencies to manage both your money and crypto assets in a single uConektPAY merchant  account.

Private Key Custody

Providing both HOT and COLD storage of private keys in hardware security modules (HSMs).
Services & Architecture

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uConektPAY delivers a merchant payment model with an easy to use checkout experience. Allows customers/clients to gain flexibility with direct REST APIs for payment freedom in both fiat and crypto currency integration. The demoshop shows the streamlined checkout process flow enabling customers to stay engaged with minimal steps for authorization and completion of payments.

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Receive and accept payments online using a simple, flexible and easy to use uConektPAY platform payment tools. uConektPAY offers Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, PayPay, and over 100+ regional and global payment methods and wallets. In addition, accept major crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc…

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